Private Label

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M-Design® over the years, has built trust and knowledge for long relationship partnership for Private Labels, providing the best manufacture, design and engineer.
For over 12 years M-Design it's been a solid partner for Alpha Designs, the sister company based in England, which also supply Private Labels for the best know brands in Sport, Lifestyle & Fashion all over Europe, USA and Australia.
M-Design has solid relationship with some Egyptian brands too, specially in the sport industry with the Alpha Bottle. 
In these years there have been occasions to collaborate with some of the important companies like Pepsi Saudi Arabia and Allianz Egypt.
M-Design recently moved into a new and spacious facility that helps us better
manage private label orders.

Stand out from the competition with personalised products.

M-Design allows you to create personalised products for your customers, teammates, colleagues, family members, followers, and friends. Ready to build your business or personal brand with premium M-Design® products?

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