How hosting Iftar without freaking out?

How hosting Iftar without freaking out?

Hosting can be stressful, but it doesn't need to be...

Gatherings, whether a birthday party or a meal with loved ones, are meant to alleviate life's pressures. Yet, the stresses of perfectionism, over-preparation, and fear still linger. How do we simplify it all, especially during Ramadan?


Like with any other dinner, there’s the desire to feed people delicious food. But as the chef for this exclusive event, not only do you desire to offer your guests delicious food, but you must also navigate the challenge of cooking without being able to taste, all the while understanding that this meal is eagerly awaited by your hungry guests who are anticipating the moment to break their fasts.

Not only cooking is the challenge, unfortunately. We also need to prepare the table! Setting up the table can be just as important as preparing the meal itself.

No matter what, we need to be prepared— spontaneity doesn't work well with an Iftar... 

How do we do it?

1. Tell people what's on the menu (salty & sweet)

This will at least avoid the problem of waste and it gives people something to look forward to, and, at the very least, prevents someone from bringing a dish I was already planning to make. It may even present an opportunity to coordinate and lighten the load.

2. Seasoning is tricky

To avoid food being under-salted or too salty, follow recipes with specified salt amounts and let people season to taste at the table... 

3. Get organised

Another handy tip for nailing your Iftar, is organising the meal preparations in advance and keep the left overs. While it may sound like a boring task (and the last thing you want to be doing in Ramadan), maintaining a tidy and organised space throughout the day will really help you keep on top of things. After all, we can cook and freeze some specialties in advance, and keep the leftovers for the nigh after, avoiding the bother of cooking again.

Also assigning a section of the kitchen for dirty dishes, will help to create order amongst all the chaos. 

4. Prep the table in advance

Ensure everything is prepared by setting up the table before beginning food prep. Make sure to not forget all the basics: tableware (plates, bowls for soups, cups, cutlery) water, tablecloths. Use re-usable and sturdy tableware to make it is to use & wash. And remember... less is more. You won’t need to overladen the table with ornaments - selecting only a few pieces and then just two colours as a theme will help pull it all together. 

5. The drinks

Serve more than just water and Arabian coffee, but don't skip it! After the dates, next is coffee. Some people (like me) will drink it immediately because they already have a headache from the withdrawal, while others prefer it after a meal. Either way, don’t serve it solo. Make up for the day’s dehydration with some other beverage offerings. You can prep delicious fresh fruity juice, aromatic and vitamin water with the help of our Fridge Door Jug. 

6. The food

The typical Iftar food is in the way of course but after a long day without food, and another one coming, carbs are always a good idea. They’re filling and energising and, if nothing else, very comforting.

Sides are a crucial part of the meal, often the most anticipated. To save stovetop space, opt for no-cook or space-saving recipes.

Even a basic salad should have its spot at the table to balance out the rich dishes. It's important to have a light and fresh option amongst all the hearty choices. Plus, nutrients are always a good thing.

When deep-frying feels like too much effort, pick a dessert you can prepare ahead of time and serve on your schedule. Believe it or not some dishes get better with time, like the traditional Egyptians cakes, tiramisù, or a saffron milk cake...

Last but not least...

Enjoy this wonderful time! After working hard to organise everything, cooking the food and being a gracious host, you deserve to enjoy the party as much as your guests will. So, have fun, take pictures, chat and mingle and make some new lovely memories.

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